Great Britain Pound vs Japanese Yen •GBPJPY•



The GBP/JPY is the representation of the amount of Japanese Yen (JPY) that can be purchased for one British pound (GBP). Nicknamed the "dragon" or "widow-maker," the pair is known for its high risk, volatility and periodic wide trading ranges. The GBPJPY traits make it popular among scalpers and day traders looking for volatility, huge movements and some thrill in their trading. The best time to trade the pair though is during the Asian trading session, towards the end of the UK session. Since the JPY is a low yielding currency favorable for carry trades and the UK represents the world's largest financial center, the pair can be used as a proxy for global economic health. The pair is ideal for market 'risk-off' moves during times of market turmoil as the carry trade can get reversed regardless of the trading session in question.

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